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August 12, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
10. Approval of a Class C (Beer, Wine)(By the Drink) and Class A (Wine)(Caterer) Alcohol License and Resolution Providing Zoning Conditions (See Exhibit 6 for Details) to Robert Evangelista for Bellwether House, A New Hotel at 211 E. Gaston St., Between Abercorn and Lincoln St. in District 2. No Concerns by Police or Issues with Littering or Loitering. Distance Measurement Met. (Item Cont’d from 7/22)
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Robert Evangelista for Bellwether House Investors, LLC t/a Bellwether House is requesting a Class C (Liquor, Beer, Wine)(By the Drink) and Class A (Wine)(Caterer) Alcohol License at 211 E. Gaston St. The establishment is located between Abercorn St. and Lincoln St. in Aldermanic District 2. Neighborhood concerns address and resolved.  Neighborhood concerns resolved and no concerns from Savannah Police Department. The applicant plans to operate a bed & breakfast (New Owner/Request)

  • Bed & Breakfast Inn
  • New Owner/New Request
  • Measurement met to nearest School and Alcoholic Treatment Center
  • Neighborhood concerns resolved
  • No Code Compliance concerns
  • Zoning restriction (see below)

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If the Class C (Liquor, Beer, Wine)(By the Drink) and Class A (Wine)(Caterer) alcohol beverage licenses are  approved, the following conditions  as outlined in the accompanying Resolution are recommended:

  1. As a non-conforming inn, Bellwether shall provide meals only to transient guests;
  2. Sale of alcoholic individual drinks (no package sales) may occur only to transient guests and only for consumption on premises;
  3. No exterior signage or advertising pertaining to the sale or dispensation of alcoholic beverages may be posted anywhere on the exterior of the premises;
  4. As a non-conforming inn, the premises may be utilized as an assembly hall accessory use no more than 6 times per year and all such events must conclude no later than 10:00 p.m.; and
  5. The premises may not be operated as a hall, banquet facility or reception, as this use as defined in the Zoning Code is not permitted in the D-R zoning district.
Judee Jones, Revenue Manager
Financial Impact
Revenue of $4,714 in Alcohol Fees
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Checklist - Bellwether House.pdf
Exhibit 2: Density Map - Bellwether House.pdf
Exhibit 3: Alcohol Reports - Bellwether House.pdf
Exhibit 4: Zoning Report - Bellwether House.pdf
Exhibit 5: Measurement Report - Bellwether House.pdf
Exhibit 6: Resolution of Zoning Conditions for Bellwhether House.pdf
Exhibit 7: Signed Good Neighborhood Agreement
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