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April 25, 2019 City Council Regular Meeting
18. Motion to Approve Replacing Existing Marker with a New Marker on The African American Monument at 77 East River Street
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The Historic Site and Monument Commission (HSMC) recommends approval to replace an existing marker with a new marker on the base of The African American Monument located on public property at 77 East River Street with the following conditions to be provided for staff review and approval, because otherwise the marker meets the standards:

  1. Increase the font height of the monument title to a minimum of 1” and ensure that all other text is not less than ½” in height. Ensure that the sponsor/donor’s name font height is smaller than the monument title. [see attached revised marker design per approval conditions]
  2. Provide a final design drawing of the marker. [see attached revised marker design per approval conditions]
  3. Provide an escrow payment.

The revised marker design text features the name of the monument, its original dedication date, and sculptress's name, as well as the name, life dates, and life summary of Dr. Abbie H. Jordan, who was a driving force behind the monument:

The African American Monument
Dedicated July 27, 2003
In Honor of Dr. Abbie H. Jordan
(1925 - 2019)
Educator, Leader, Trailblazer and Community Activist Dr. Jordan’s
vision, tenacity and financial contributions were the driving force that ensured
the Savannah Riverfront was the home of the first statue in Savannah
that honors African Americans. The Consortium of Doctors, Ltd.,
an organization that Dr. Jordan founded in 1991,
made significant contributions to this effort.
Sculptress: Dorothy Spradley
This plaque unveiled July 26, 2019



Leah Michalak, Metropolitan Planning Commission
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Historic Sites and Monuments Recommendation.pdf
Exhibit 2: Aerial Map.pdf
Exhibit 3: Application and Information.pdf
Exhibit 4: Conditions of the Approval - Revised Marker Design.pdf
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