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April 25, 2019 City Council Regular Meeting
17. Motion to Approve the Naming of an Unnamed Pavilion Located at the Coffee Bluff Marina to "Falligant Pavilion" (Petitioner: Alderman Tony Thomas)
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The petitioner is requesting to name the unnamed pavilion located at Coffee Bluff Marina to "Falligant Pavilion".

Dr. L.A. (Louis Alexander) Falligant was an influential local elected leader, and doctor.  He was born in Augusta in 1836, and died at his home in Savannah on July 5, 1903.  His wife was Rosa Oliver (Brown) Falligant.  He had nine brothers and sisters, which included Judge Robert Falligant.

Dr. Falligant served as an Alderman for the City of Savannah, and the City Health Officer.  His accomplishments during the Yellow Fever epidemic, made him a hero in Savannah.

Falligant Ward (bounded by Anderson on the north, Bull on the east, 34th on the south, and Barnard on the west) starts appearing in the 1897 annual report.  In 1898, a report mentioned that Dr. Falligant dedicated property in Barney and Gaillard wards to the City.  The 1902 and 1903 annual reports make mention of property transactions between Falligant and the City.  The Falligant family was a very large property owner within the City limits and in the area where the City was expanding at the turn of the 20th century.

The area now known as the Coffee Bluff Marina was originally part of Dr. L.A. Falligant's subdivision known as the Town of Rosedew (also known as Rose Dhu).  The property was acquired by the City of Savannah in 2008.  Within the marina property, there exists the Herbert R. "Herbie" Battise Fishing Pier, a pavilion and a playground.

The requirements in Article E. Section 4:1100-1108 have been met.



Joe Shearouse Jr., Management Coordinator
Financial Impact
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