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February 14, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
24. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Grounds Maintenance Services for City Facilities to J. Corbett Enterprise, Inc., Garcia Services, LLC, and Samjay Services, Inc. (Event No. 6405)
Strategic Priority
Neighborhood Revitalization

Recommend approval to award an annual contract for grounds maintenance for City facilities to J. Corbett Enterprise, Inc. in the amount of $43,871.36, Garcia Services, LLC in the amount of $26,780.00, and Samjay Services, Inc. in the amount of $8,320.00 for an estimated grand total of $78,971.36.  The low bidder for each line item is being recommended for award.  This annual contract will provide grounds maintenance at 19 City facilities including: municipal operations facilities, police facilities, community centers, and parking areas.  Services consist of turf maintenance, litter and trash removal, landscape maintenance, mulching, leaf and debris removal, and weed and wild growth control and removal.

This event was given an 18% DBE goal.  The recommended bidders were deemed compliant with this requirement.

The contract term shall be from February 14, 2019 through December 31, 2019.  There are three renewals available under this contract.



David Keating, Director of Real Estate Services Department
Financial Impact
Estimated $78,971.36 expenditure from the General Fund
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Grounds Maintenance Bid Tab.pdf
Exhibit 2: Ground Funding Verification.pdf
Exhibit 3: Grounds Maintenance Scope.pdf
Exhibit 4: Map of locations.pdf
Exhibit 5: Grounds Purchasing Summary.pdf
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