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February 14, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
25. Motion to Approve Contract Modification No. 1 for Garage Stairwell Painting Services with United Grounds Maintenance Services, Inc. (Event No. 6424)
Strategic Priority

Recommend approval of Contract Modification No. 1 with United Grounds Maintenance Services, Inc. in the amount of $6,975.00.

The original contract was for repainting the two stairwells in the Liberty Street Garage and the Ellis Square stairwell in the Whitaker Street Garage.  Work included, but was not limited to, removing the paint that is flaking, wire brushing the exposed metal, priming, and painting the stairwells.  The paint being used is an epoxy based paint.  This modification is needed for the painting of the St. Julian Street stairwell in the Whitaker Street Garage.  This stairwell was not in the original scope of work.  All work will follow the same scope of work as the original project.

The original contract was approved by Council on November 20, 2018 in the amount of $36,475.00.  The total amount of this contract to date, including this modification, is $43,450.00.



Cristy Lawrence, Director of the Office of Capital Projects Management
Financial Impact
$6,975.00 expenditure from the Capital Improvements Fund (funded by the Parking Services Fund)
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Garage Painting Purchasing Summary.pdf
Exhibit 2: Garage Painting Funding Verification.pdf
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