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September 23, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
17. Notification of an Emergency Procurement for the Repair of a Fire Truck with Williams Fire Apparatus in the Amount of $41,663. Fire Pumper Unit # 4518 Incurred Extensive Damage Due to an Accident. To Avoid Service Disruption, Immediate Repair is Necessary.
Strategic Priority
Public Safety

Notification of an Emergency Procurement for a Fire Pumper from Williams Fire Apparatus in the amount of $41,663.

Fire pumper unit # 4518 incurred extensive damage due to an accident. The fire pumper is out of service until it can be repaired. Repairs will be performed to interior and exterior components (i.e. front bumper, front cab, side skirts, sidewalls, lighting systems, hydraulics, and wiring). This is a sole source because the vendor is the only authorized repair facility in the area that is certified to work on Suthphen Fire Trucks. The vendor has the knowledge required to repair this unit in an efficient amount of time required by the Fire Department. This unit is not scheduled for replacement until 2024 so it is imperative the repairs are completed to avoid service disruption with the City of Savannah Fire Department.

The vendor is:

S.S.         Williams Fire Apparatus (774 Idaho Road, Ashland, AL )(D)                          $41,662.85

A pre-bid conference was not conducted as this is a sole source procurement. (D) Indicates non-local, non-DBE business. Recommend approval.




Rafael Vega, Director Of Fleet Services
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $41,663 from the Internal Service Fund
Review Comments
Exhibit 1- Funding Verification - Fire Pumper
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