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October 24, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
48. Motion to Approve the Annexation of 504.8 Acres Located on the East Side of Interstate 95 in the Vicinity of Little Neck Road
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The City received an annexation petition for three parcels with an aggregate of 504.8 acres located on the east side of Interstate 95 in the vicinity of Little Neck Road. The properties are currently owned by  Brenda Sue Christian and Alice Keller. The land under petition is contiguous to existing City territory, and therefore can be annexed by ordinance adopted by City Council. As required by State law, the County has been informed of receipt of this petition.

The property is currently undeveloped and annexation is being sought by the owner to gain access to the municipal utilities provided by the City. The owner desires to gain access to these services on in-city terms. The cost of providing water and sewer service will be fully covered by connection fees and service fees charged to benefiting parcels in the area. 

A master plan submitted with the annexation petition shows that future development will include the uses of assisted living/office, commercial, mixed use residential, multi-family residential and single family residential. At buildout, the proposed development would include over 1,000 residential units and an estimated 2,500 residents.

At present, primary fire and emergency response to the annexed areas would be provided by fire stations 12 and 15 located at 1205 Bradley Blvd and 1751 Grovepoint Road, respectively. For police response, this area would be assigned to precinct 4 (Southside) located at 7804 Abercorn Street. At buildout, the area would need to be evaluated by police to see if another patrol beat would need to be added.



David Maxwell, Chief Financial Officer
Financial Impact
The estimated tax benefit from annexation of this property would be $806,000 annually. This figure includes estimates for property taxes only. Estimated water and sewer connection fees based on the master plan would be $10.1 million.
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Annexation Petitions - Christian & Keller.pdf
Exhibit 2: Master Plan - Christian & Keller.pdf
Exhibit 3: Annexation Ordinance - Christian & Keller.pdf
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