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October 24, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
47. Motion to Amend Chapter 6 of the Parade and Public Assembly Ordinance
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The Special Event Ordinance was written to replace the decades old Parade and Public Assembly Ordinance.  The modification includes:

  • Establishment of fee structure for events
  • Create Special Event Impact Rating structure
  • Methods to moderate event sound, waste, traffic, parking, safety, outreach, and notifications
  • Establishment of application submission time and deadline
  • Establishment of provisions for event denial

In addition, staff drafted a suggestion for consideration by the City Council that incorporates concerns regarding the application submission timeline for events.  This exemption allows staff the administrative authority to shorten the timeline for application submission based on certain criteria.

Sec. 3-6004. – Special event application.

(A) A special event application shall be submitted to the City for review.

(B) Except as described in section 3-6004(c), special event applications shall be submitted:

(1) No sooner than 365 days prior to the start of the event

(2) No later than 90 days prior to the start of the event

(C) Special event application exceptions

(1) Applications for an event’s initial year may be submitted for review up to eighteen months prior to the start of the event.

(2) This provision shall not apply to weddings or wedding receptions.

(3) A shortened timeline may be administratively applied if an event does not require extensive review, does not close any City of Savannah streets, or if the event is expected to have fewer than 100 participants.



Susan Broker, Director of Special Events, Film, and Tourism
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Current Ordinance Chapter 6 - Parade and Public Assembly.pdf
Exhibit 2: Redline Ordinance Chapter 6 - Special Event Ordinance.pdf
Exhibit 3: Final Ordinance Chapter 6 - Special Event Ordinance.pdf
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