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October 24, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
46. Motion to Amend Article R. Tour Service for Hire Ordinance of the Code of Ordinances
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The proposed Tour Service for Hire ordinance combines the following current ordinances into one comprehensive code that will regulate all tour service entities within the City.

  • Tour Service For Hire
  • Horse Drawn Carriages
  • Quadricycles, and
  • Pedicabs (as it relates to offering guided sightseeing tours)

The proposed ordinance is a reformat that combines all tour services into one section, while eliminating both duplicate data (such as repeated definitions) and repealing ordinance sections no longer applicable after adoption.

The new Tour Service for Hire ordinance will collectively regulate all tour services within the City under one comprehensive code section. It will change the boundaries of the Quadricycle tours in order to remove them from the residential areas of the City while allowing access to the Indian Street warehouse corridor. The ordinance will also address pedicabs by allowing operators the option to register as a tour service vehicle and give tours within the city.



Susan Broker, Director of Special Events, Film, and Tourism
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Map - Tour Service for Hire.pdf
Exhibit 2: Proposed Ordinance - Tour Service for Hire.pdf
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