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October 24, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
49. Motion to Amend Part 6, Licensing and Regulation, Chapter 1, Business and Occupations, Article H. Alcoholic Beverages
Strategic Priority
Public Safety

A resolution is proposed to eliminate the consumption of alcohol on quadricyles within the City limits. This is proposed in an effort to reduce noise disturbances, control litter, and mitigate public safety concerns related to quadricyles, as they operate on the public right of ways. 

At least three public meetings were held through the Tourism Advisory Committee in March, April, and September of 2019.  In addition, a meeting was held between the quadricycle operators and city staff to discuss the ordinance change, and get their feedback.

This action is the second part of a two-step process to address concerns regarding quadricycles. The first was changing the boundaries in the newly proposed Tour Service for Hire ordinance.



Susan Broker, Director of Special Events, Film, and Tourism
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Amendment - Alcohol on Quadricycles.pdf
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