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November 9, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Notification of Emergency Procurement of Vehicle Repair Services from Williams Fire Apparatus (Event No. 5613)

Notification of the emergency procurement of repair services from Willams Fire Apparatus, LLC in the amount of $44,800.00.  These services were needed to repair a 2009 Sutphen fire pumper truck that was involved in a collision and sustained significant damage to the front left cab section of the truck.

This was an emergency procurement because the damage rendered the truck inpoperable, which reduced the Savannah Fire and Emergency Services reserve fleet to one fire pumper truck. This impacts the required mission level readiness for the ISO-I rating.  Because the Vehicle Maintenance Department is not equipped to complete collision repairs in-house, all accident repairs must be out-sourced. The selected vendor is the authorized dealer and certified service provider for Sutphen Manufacturing Company in the state of Georgia and was able to repair the damage as quickly as possible. 



Iris Ellsbury-Smith, Vehicle Maintenance Director
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