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November 9, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Procure Utility Body Trucks from J.C. Lewis Ford (Event No. 5541)

Recommend approval to procure four utility body trucks from J.C. Lewis Ford in the amount of $119,804.00.  This purchase will provide:

  • Water Supply and Treatment with two F-250 ¾ -Ton regular cab pickup trucks
  • President Street Plant with one F-250 ¾-Ton extended cab pickup truck 
  • Lift Station Maintenance with one F-250 ¾-Ton super cab pickup truck  

The new trucks will replace like units which have reached the end of their useful life cycle and are no longer cost effective to maintain.   

These utility body trucks are maintenance trucks and have ample storage for parts and supplies to service and repair City infrastructure, i.e. water wells, lift stations, etc.  Purchase of these utility trucks will ensure that the departments have safe and reliable vehicles to operate while conducting City business.

J.C. Lewis Ford submitted a bid of $120,999.36, which was within 2 percent of the overall low bidder's price of $119,804.00. J.C. Lewis Ford was offered and did accept the opportunity to match the low bidder's pricing under the local preference ordinance.




Iris Ellsbury-Smith, Vehicle Maintenance
Financial Impact
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