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November 5, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
21. First Reading of Amendments to the Code of Ordinances Pertaining to Maintenance of Tree Lawns, and Keeping Streets and Sidewalks Free of Litter
Strategic Priority
Neighborhood Revitalization

This ordinance amendment would repeal and delete Part 9, Chapter 3, Section 9-3002, Weeds, Rank Vegetation and Debris - Notice to Cut or Remove, Section 9-3003, Same - Charges; and Part 4, Chapter 2, Section 4-2024 Pertaining to maintaining streets and sidewalks free of litter in its entirety; and to adopt Part 8, Chapter 1, Section 8-1005, Property Occupants and Owners to Maintain Tree Lawns. 

The purpose of this ordinance is to require property owners to maintain and keep the portion of the street, sidewalk or lane on which such property abuts clean and free of litter, debris and overgrown vegetation including the tree lawn, and to more clearly define the maintenance of these areas. 

This amendment clarifies responsibility for the maintenance of tree lawns previously stated only in the City’s Tree Lawn Compliance and Policy Guide. The maintenance of tree lawns shall be the responsibility of property owners and any modifications to the planting or maintenance of trees or shrubs must adhere to the Section 8-12005 of the City Code. 



Kevin Milton, Director Code Compliance
Financial Impact
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