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November 5, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
20. First Reading of Amendments to Section 8-1004 of the Code of Ordinances to Adopt Exterior Property Maintenance Standards
Strategic Priority
Neighborhood Revitalization

This ordinance amendment is requesting to amend the Code of the City of Savannah (2003), Part 8, Planning and Regulation of Development, Chapter 1, Building Regulations, Article A, Building in General, Section 8-1004, Exterior Property Areas and to repeal conflicting ordinances.

This amendment adds Section 8-1004, Exterior Property Maintenance, to City Code and repeals Sections 9-3002 and 9-3003. Section 8-1004 adds clarity by including key definitions, establishing exterior property maintenance standards, and including the repealed Sections 9-3002 and 9-3003 into this portion of the City Code for clarity to residents.

Key definitions added by this amendment include debris, object, undeveloped lot, unsafe tree, and vacant lot.

  • Defining "debris" to allow enforcement officers to address storm debris, tree stumps, and objects existing in a random or disorderly manner.
  • Defining "object" to allow enforcement officers to address appliances stored outside and indoor furniture used outside.
  • Defining "undeveloped" and "vacant lots" to establish enforcement standards for each, with the key distinction being that an undeveloped lot is only required to maintain a 10-foot-wide strip abutting any right of way or developed property.
  • Defining "unsafe tree" to allow enforcement officers to address trees which present a foreseeable danger to persons, property, or rights of way.

The amendment replaces “Chapter Six” of the City’s former local Property Maintenance Code, which was not included when the City adopted the International Property Maintenance Code in 2003. This amendment addresses minimum standards for maintenance of exterior property including prohibited objects, litter, garbage, rubbish, animal excrement, vegetation, grass, weeds, stagnant water, and other unsightly, unsafe or unsanitary matter.



Kevin Milton, Director Code Compliance Department
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