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November 5, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
19. First Reading of Amendments to the Code of Ordinances to Address Abandoned and Derelict Motor Vehicles
Strategic Priority
Neighborhood Revitalization

This ordinance amendment is requesting to amend the Code of the City of Savannah (2003), Part 9, Offenses, Chapter 2, Nuisances, Article A, Section 9-2009 Derelict Vehicles - Disposal, Section 9-2010 Definitions, Section 9-2011 Duties of City Employees, Section 9-2012 Procedures, and Section 9-2013 Contracts and to Repeal conflicting ordinances.

This amendment repeals and replaces Sections 9-2010 through 9-2013. Sections have been revised to add abandoned motor vehicles, which are not covered in the existing ordinance, and align local enforcement timelines for both abandoned and derelict motor vehicles with State law. Timelines would change as follows:

  • Abandoned vehicles are not addressed in the current ordinance. Under this amendment, abandoned vehicles must be brought into compliance within five days on private property, and 30 days on public property. 
  • Derelict vehicles parked on public property would have three days to be brought into compliance, compared with the current 10 days.
  • Derelict vehicles parked on private property would have three days to be brought into compliance, compared with the current 30 days.

This proposed revised timelines align with State law.



Kevin Milton, Director Code Compliance
Financial Impact
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Abandoned and Derelict Vehicle Ordinance (Sec 9-2009 thru 9-2013) (003).pdf
Abandoned and Derelict Vehicle Ordinance_redlined version.pdf
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