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November 5, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
18. First Reading of Amendments to the Code of Ordinances to Address Parking on Residential Properties
Strategic Priority
Neighborhood Revitalization

This ordinance amendment is requesting to repeal and delete Part 8, Planning and Regulation of Development, Chapter 1, Building Regulations, Article A, Building in General, Section 7-1016, Parking in Residential Zones, in its entirety and adopt Part 8, Chapter 1, Article A, Section 8-1003, Parking in Residential Areas.

The existing ordinance has proven to be too restrictive to uniformly and equitably enforce across the entire City.

This amendment repeals and replaces Section 8-1003 (previously named "Local Amendments to the International Property Maintenance Code" – now renamed "Parking in Residential Areas") and repeals Section 7-1016. The new Section 8-1003 adds clarity by including an expanded definition portion, establishing parking standards for residential properties, and including the repealed Section 7-1016 into this portion of the City Code for clarity to residents.

Specifically, this amendment makes permissible parking that is parallel and within 5 feet of an established driveway to the one side closest to the side yard property line. It also allows parking within a side or rear yard that is screened from the public rights of way or neighboring properties.

This amendment also adds 21 definitions to clearly define all terms used in this amendment to include established driveway, side yard, rear yard, and screened. To assure uniform and equitable enforcement across the City, this amendment also adds a method to approve variances where required while still maintaining the overall intent of this ordinance.



Kevin Milton, Director Code Compliance
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