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November 10, 2022 City Council Regular Meeting
29. Approval to Execute a Contract with APAC Atlantic, Inc., for the Robert B. Miller Road Construction Project, in the Amount of $468,080.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

This contract is for the construction project previously approved under the Georgia Air National Guard Military Construction Cooperative Agreement (MCCA) and will involve the construction of a new asphalt paved roadway and repair of the existing roadway at the Robert B. Miller Entrance to the 165th Airlift Wing military installation. This work will realign the drives off Robert B. Miller Road to the new gate entrance, which is currently being bid by the GA ANG. APAC Atlantic, Inc. was the only bid received for this project.


(B)APAC Atlantic, Inc., Savannah, GA      $468,080

(B)Local, Non-Minority.



Dawoud Stevenson, Director, Program Management/IT
Financial Impact
Expenditure in the amount of $468,080 from MCCA Funds.
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