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May 10, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
10. Motion to Amend the Zoning Ordinance Regarding STVRs in the Victorian District (Petitioner: City of Savannah)
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Good Government

The Mayor and Aldermen approved this text amendment request following a zoning hearing at the April 26, 2018 City Council Meeting.  The action being considered now is the approval of an ordinance for the text amendment.

This is a City staff-initiated petition (File No. 18-001340-ZA) to amend Sec. 8-3028(d)(Use #8a) by removing the Special Use Approval requirement from the Short-Term Vacation Rental (STVR) zoning use classification in the 1-R, 2-R and 3-R Zoning Districts within the Victorian Planned Neighborhood Conservation District.

In 2014, the City of Savannah adopted the STVR use as a permitted use within certain mixed-use zoning classifications in the Historic, Mid-City, and, Victorian Districts.  This became necessary due to the proliferation of STVRs in the City.  Subsequently, it became necessary to more effectively regulate the use. City staff and MPC staff collaborated to create the zoning changes and permit processes were also added to the City Code which resulted in the current regulations that govern STVRs. 

The STVR use is currently permitted in 23 zoning districts in the City of Savannah.  Only in the Victorian District's 1-R, 2-R and 3-R Zoning Districts is Special Use Approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals required for STVRs.

City staff finds that current process is uniformed and predictable with the exception of the required Special Use Approval that exists for the 1-R, 2-R and 3-R Zoning Districts and that the conditions and requirements of the permit process are adequate to address the use in all zoning districts without the additional special use review.

On April 3, 2018, the Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of the petition to amend the Zoning Ordinance.



Bridget Lidy, Director of Planning and Urban Design
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Planning Commission Recommendation Victorian District, STVRs, and ZBA Text Amendment 18-001340-ZA.pdf
Draft Ordinance Victorian District, STVRs, and ZBA Text Amendment 18-001340-ZA.pdf
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