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July 8, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
5. Approval to Amend Section 6-1214 of the Alcohol Ordinance Entitled, 'Consumption of Alcohol on City Streets', to Allow the Use of Aluminum Cups on Public Right of Way Within a Specified Boundary Area (See Narrative for Exact Boundaries). Current Ordinance Allows Paper and Plastic Cups Only; One-Per Person; Up to 16 Ounces. Recommend Approval.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Section 6-1214 "Consumption of Alcohol on City Streets' allows the public to possess a single alcoholic beverage within a paper or plastic cup on the public right of way under with certain parameters. This proposed ordinance adjustment would add 'aluminum' to the allowable list of cup materials along with paper and plastic cups.

Aluminum is shown to be a more sustainable product due to its ability to be reusable by the consumer and infinitely recyclable, particularly compared to single use plastics cups. A plastic cup is largely used once and after consumption will take several hundred years to break down into microplastic which remains within our natural ecosystem causing negative environmental and health impacts. Additionally, as a coastal community, it is important to note that the majority of all marine litter is plastic.

The proposed ordinance adjustment aligns with City Council's directive to reduce our use of single use plastics and create healthier, more resilient and sustainable community.

The ordinance adjustment will not change any other elements of the ordinance other than adding the material use of aluminum for cups.

Below is a summary of the current ordinance's requirements.

  • Cups shall not exceed 16 fluid ounces

  • Only persons age 21 and older are permitted to possess an alcoholic beverage

  • Only one alcoholic beverage per person is permitted and must be within a paper or plastic cup

  • Alcoholic beverages shall not be permitted within a glass or can

  • Prohibited within a motor vehicle

  • (Map Attached) Boundaries of city limits north, on the west by centerline of the Talmadge Bridge extended south to West Boundary Street to Jones Street, on the south by Jones Street extended east to the railroad track, and on the east by a line extending north along the centerline of the railroad to the Savannah River east of Savannah River Landing (west of Bilbo Canal), then across the Savannah River to include all portions of Hutchinson Island that are within the city



Joe Shearouse, Assistant to the City Manager
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Exhibit 1: Map - Current Open Container Boundaries.pdf
Exhibit 2: COS Code of Ordinances - Section 6.1214 Consumption of Alcohol on City Streets- CURRENT.pdf
Exhibit 3: COS Code of Ordinances - Section 6.1214 Consumption of Alcohol on City Streets- RED LINE CHANGE.docx
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