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July 27, 2023 City Council Regular Meeting
35. Approval to Procure Eighty (80) Baggage Carts and Four (4) Corrals from Wanzl North America, in the Amount of $60,026.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The baggage carts and corrals will be assigned to the Airport’s Operation’s Department. The current baggage carts have reached the end of life-cycle and the wheels on the carts are incompatible with the current equipment in the terminal. The corrals will be used to house the carts throughout the airport area. The Commission advertised a Request for Quotation (RFQ) from May 1 – June 2, 2023. A second company (EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG) from Kasel, Germany inquired but never responded. As a result, Wanzl North America’s response met all requirements and specifications of the Commission.


The vendor is:

(D) Wanzl North America, Newton, NC               $60,026

(D) Non-local, non-DBE owned business.



Dawoud Stevenson, Director, Program Management/IT
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $60,026 from the Airport Commission Fund
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