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January 12, 2023 City Council Regular Meeting
26. Authorize the City Manager to Execute a Contract for an Annual Maintenance for the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) with Emerson Process Management (LOCAL) in the Amount of $94,262. This annual maintenance contract maintains the SCADA network used by the Public Works and Water Resources Department. (Water Resources)
Strategic Priority

This contract is for an annual maintenance agreement for the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system with Emerson Process Management in the amount of $94,262. The annual maintenance agreement will be used by the Public Works and Water Resources Department to provide hardware repair, software updates, technical support, and other repair services associated with the SCADA network. SCADA is a system of software and hardware elements that maintains efficiency in the City’s Public Works and Water Resources functions by controlling processes locally or at remote locations. The SCADA system monitors, gathers, and processes data in real-time by directly interacting with devices such as sensors, valves, pumps, and motors, and records the events in a log file.


This is a sole source procurement because Emerson Process Management is the original provider of this software. It is critical to have maintenance and support from the original provider to ensure authorized, knowledgeable, and timely vendor support when necessary. Delivery: As needed. Terms: Net 30 days.


The vendor is:
S.S.         Emerson Process Management (109 Park Commerce Drive 2 Savannah, GA) (B)             $94,262  

(B) Indicates local, non-DBE business. 



Heath Lloyd, Assistant City Manager and Chief, Infrastructure and Development
Financial Impact
Expenditure of 94,262 from the Water & Sewer and I & D Fund
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Funding Verification - SCADA Annual Maintenance.pdf
Exhibit 2: Purchasing Note - SCADA Annual Maintenance.pdf
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