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December 6, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
22. Motion tp Approve Change Order No. 4 with EE Reed Construction for the Federal Inspection Services Facility
Strategic Priority

The Savannah Airport Commission recommends approval of Change Order No. 4 with EE Reed Construction for the Federal Inspection Services (FIS) Facility in the  $218,011.00. This change order is for several modifications to the facility that were required due to Custom and Border Protection (CBP) revised requirements, code requirements, and minor building changes as detailed below: 

  • $139,196.00 to provide labor and materials to change the access control system from a stand-alone system as detailed in the original plans to the system currently being used in the Airport Terminal. The Federal Inspection Services (FIS) facility is a separate structure but the intent is to have the building and gates integrated with the same access control system used in the Terminal. This system utilizes bioscrypt technology in the form of fingerprint readers at all ingress and egress points throughout the building, and the FIS facility needs to be compatible with the same technology to function with Airport and Customs Border and Protection (CBP) staff credentials
  • $14,127.00 to provide labor and materials for changes to types of doors and frames originally designed for use in this project. Customs and Border Protection determined after the project had been bid that 17 doors and frames were required to be a heavier gauge steel than originally shown due to updated security requirements for these rooms inside the facility. This was not foreseen by the consultant nor was it called out during the CBP review prior to bidding the project. 
  • $3,108.00 for labor and materials to modify the size of an overhead door from a larger size to a smaller size, which will be more conducive to the baggage makeup gravity roller to the outside of the building. The smaller opening was a better fit for the space and will minimize the amount of heat and cooling loss when opened. The cost associated with this change order is primarily for masonry work to close the space and included a credit for the smaller door. 
  • $7,660.00 in labor and materials for additional steel needed to support the premanufactured canopy and awnings as originally designed for the facility. The final steel sizes, quantities, and connection locations could not be determined at the time of design and required coordination with the premanufactured canopy / awning shop drawing submittal. This is not unusual in these cases where premanufactured products could have multiple designs.
  • $13,784.00 in labor and materials for changing the model of the X-Ray machine originally scoped for the project. Customs Border and Protection required this change as the model originally designed for the project did not meet the revised requirements outlined in the CBP guidelines. This revision came after the project was awarded and could not have been included in the bid through addendum. 
  • $40,136.00 in labor and materials to apply a thermal barrier spray coating on the spray foam insulation affixed to the underside of the roof. This issue was noted by the City of Savannah inspector who informed the contractor that the insulation had to be protected by a thermal barrier due to the material being located within the plenum area of the ceiling. The thermal barrier is required due to the flame spread and toxic gas produced during a fire. A thermal barrier was not specified in the plans or specifications and the contractor did not include this cost in the pricing. Due to this being a code issue there is no other option but to apply the thermal coating.




Brooks Stillwell, Savannah Airport Commission Attorney
Financial Impact
Savannah Airport Commission funds in the amount of $218,011.00.
Review Comments
PCO # 7 Access Control Changes rev3.pdf
PCO # 13 Steel Changes to Canopies.pdf
PCO 8 conclusion.pdf
PCO 14 conclusion.pdf
PCO # 15 Add DC 315 Barrier.pdf
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