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April 25, 2019 City Council Regular Meeting
37. Motion to Approve an Intergovernmental Agreement Between the City of Savannah and Chatham County for Improvements to Veteran's Parkway from I-516 to State Route 204
Strategic Priority

Staff recommends the approval of an IGA with Chatham County for improvements to Veteran's Parkway.  The County proposes to make road improvements to Veteran’s Parkway from I-516 to State Route 204, which includes milling, resurfacing, striping and signage improvements.  Staff is asking City Council to approve an intergovernmental agreement which would allow for reimbursement up to $350,000 for costs associated with the project for improvements that will occur within the section of roadway that is situated within the corporate limits of the City of Savannah, which is approximately 2,800 feet of roadway. 

The impacts of this action will keep the cost of milling, resurfacing and striping this section of the roadway (that is situated within the corporate limits of the City) to a minimum, hence procurement and administration will be handled by the County.  This action ultimately helps the city accomplish the strategic goal of creating a 20 year resurfacing plan.  There are no unintended consequences to this action. There are multiple alternative approaches, but it is likely that all other alternatives will be more costly to implement.



Heath Lloyd, Chief Infrastructure and Development Officer
Financial Impact
Expenditure of up to $350,000 from the Capital Improvement Fund via the General Fund (Requires a Q1 CIP Budget Amendment Scheduled for April 25, 2019)
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Intergovernmental Agreement - Veterans Parkway Improvement Project.pdf
Exhibit 2: Funding Verification - Veterans Parkway Improvement Project.pdf
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