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April 08, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
13. Authorize the City Manager to Execute a Contract Renewal for Senior Meal Delivery Services with TLT Smiling Faces Transportation (Savannah, GA) (Local) for an Amount up to $112,465 (Event No. 7333)
Strategic Priority
Economic Strength And Poverty Reduction

Recommend approval to renew an annual contract for senior meal delivery services with TLT Smiling Faces Transportation (Savannah, GA)(A) for an amount up to $112,465. The Recreation and Leisure Services Department normally uses this contract to provide transportation services for senior participants in the Golden Age Programs for daily commute to Golden Age centers. During the global pandemic, however, the contract is being used to deliver meals to participants and will resume transportation services once conditions return to normal and facilities reopen. In the first quarter of 2021, this contract was used to deliver 2,543 meals to seniors at their homes. Meals are provided Monday thru Friday during lunch.  The price for delivery of one meal is $5. The cost for providing transportation services is $14 per participant per round-trip to the Golden Age Centers. The total amount spent in 2020 on this contract was $108,015.93.

(A) indicates local, DBE-owned business.



Taffanye Young, Chief of Community Service
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $112,465 from the General Fund
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Funding Verification - Golden Age Transportation Services.pdf
Exhibit 2: Specifications - Golden Age Transportation Services.pdf
Exhibit 3: Purchasing Notes - Golden Age Transportation Services.pdf
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