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October 11, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
23. Motion to Award Sale of Surplus Property 6 West Henry Street to Inman Park Properties, Inc. (Event No. 6470)
Strategic Priority
Economic Strength And Poverty Reduction

Recommend motion to award the sale of surplus property located at 6 West Henry Street (PIN 2-0044-36-003) to Inman Park Properties, Inc. in the amount of $1,050,000.00. The 6 West Henry Street property, commonly known as former Fire Station #5, was declared surplus and available for sale during the regularly scheduled City Council Meeting on March 15, 2018.  A request for proposals (RFP Event #6470) was issued August 7, 2018. The RFP closed on August 28, 2018.  Additionally, an appraisal from a well-qualified, state-certified general real estate appraiser was obtained. 

Three qualified proposals were received and evaluated by a five-person inter-disciplinary selection committee. Inman Park Properties, Inc., was the highest rated proposal.  That proposal includes restoring the structure and developing half of the property into conventional office space and the other half into a neighborhood cafe. The proposer has agreed to pay a price of $1,050,000.00 to acquire the property. 


Withdrawn to allow staff review

David Keating, Real Estate Services
Financial Impact
$1,050,000.00 in revenue to the General Fund
Review Comments
6 W Henry Scope.pdf
6 W Henry Purchasing Summary.pdf
6 W Henry Drawings.pdf
6 West Henry St Funding Verification.pdf
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