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October 11, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
24. Motion to Procure Granite Software Upgrades from Adams Equipment (Event No. 6627)
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Recommend approval to procure software upgrades for the Granite Software System from Adams Equipment Company, Inc. in the amount of $50,081.00. 

The Water Resources and Stormwater Management departments request this upgrade to fulfill a State-issued consent order. Per the order, a record must be kept of all information/workflow for each department dealing with sanitary sewer/stormwater overflows. The current software has expired and the upgrade is required for proper communication with other critical software systems in the City's network.  

This is a sole source purchase because this company is the original manufacturer of the existing software.  It is critical to have support from the original provider to ensure authorized, knowledgeable, and timely vendor support if and when it is necessary. 



Heath Lloyd, Chief Infrastructure and Development Officer
Financial Impact
$50,081.00 expenditure from the Capital Improvements Fund
Review Comments
Granite Software Purchasing Summary.pdf
Granite Software Funding Verification.pdf
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