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October 11, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
28. Motion to Approve Memorandum of Agreement and Cost Share for Savannah River Below Augusta Restoration Feasibility Study
Strategic Priority

The Savannah Riverkeeper has become the non-federal sponsor with the US Army Corps of Engineers (COE) to perform a feasibility study to restore a number of oxbows in the Lower Savannah River by modifying navigational cuts constructed in the 1960s. The total cost of the study is approximately $3 million. To date Columbia County, Augusta and the Savannah Riverkeeper have committed funds for the $1.5 million non-federal match that is required. The Savannah Riverkeeper has requested Savannah contribute $360,000.00 toward the non-federal match.  

The feasibility study is a required process by the COE prior to development of an actual construction project commencing. In the 1990s the City of Savannah was the sole non-federal sponsor of a $4 million project to improve two of these navigation cuts to protect the City's surface water source. This project will allow Savannah to partner with other utilities and the Savannah Riverkeeper.

Results of the feasibility study will guide any potential additional restorations and leverage for construction approximately $13 million awarded to the Savannah Riverkeeper as part of a Harbor Deepening mitigation settlement.



John Sawyer, Public Works and Water Resources
Financial Impact
$360,000.00 in Water and Sewer funds
Review Comments
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