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November 9, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Approve Access Easement and Boundary Line Agreement (Petition 160425)

The City of Savannah owns a 484-acre parcel located along Dean Forest Road just south of the existing landfill parcel. The tract was acquired for future development of additional landfill cells once the existing landfill reaches capacity. The 484-acre tract is currently home to the SCMPD Mounted Patrol unit and includes stables, pasture, related facilities, and timberland.    

Attorney Rob Brannan represents the adjoining property owner located immediately to the south of this landfill expansion tract. That adjoining property is under contract for sale to another party, and title work associated with the pending sale revealed issues relating to insurable access. Attorney Brannan petitioned the City via Petition 160425 to resolve the title issues relating to access by seeking an access easement. 

To avoid litigation, staff has negotiated a settlement with Mr. Brannan whereby the City will grant the adjoining property owner a relocatable access easement over an existing dirt driveway that traverses the south end of the City parcel, and the parties have also agreed to a boundary line agreement that resolves disputes regarding the location of common property lines. The relocatable easement provides the City with the right to relocate the easement once future development plans for the landfill expansion parcel are finalized.

The agreement has been reviewed by the Sanitation Department, the Real Property Services Department, and the City Attorney's Office. 



David Keating, Director of Real Property Services
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