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December 6, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
12. Motion to Approve an Honorary Street Designation for a Section of Windsor Road between White Bluff and Juniper Circle to 'Jackie Haberman Way.'
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The attached petition request is for an honorary street designation located on Windsor Road between White Bluff and Juniper Circle. The petition requests the street receive the honorary designation of "Jackie Haberman Way."

According to the Public Property Naming Ordinance Section 4:1100-1108, honorary street designations are temporary, lasting five years, and do not impact any addressing and mapping databases.

Jackolyn Dale Haberman has been advocating for the Windsor Forest Neighborhood for many years. She was instrumental in the creation of the Windsor Forest Neighborhood Association in 1997. Ms. Haberman has served her community is many ways, including positions on the Keep Savannah Beautiful Board, Savannah Cultural Arts Commission, and a member of the Windsor Forest Garden Club, along with serving as the president of the Windsor Forest Neighborhood Association.

The petition has been reviewed by all impacted City agencies and is still subject to approval by the MPC's Historic Sites and Monuments Commission.

The petition has met all other requirements set out in the Naming Ordinance.


Staff recommends approval pending MPC's Sites and Monuments review on December 6th.

Joe Shearouse Jr.
Financial Impact
$150 in fee revenue
Review Comments
11282018 Honorary Street Designation Petition - Jackie Haberman Way.pdf
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