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April 12, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
29. Motion to Approve Change Order No. 5 with Holland and Holland, Inc. on the Automated Outbound Baggage Handling System
Strategic Priority
Public Safety

The Savannah Airport Commission recommends approval of Change Order No. 5 with Holland and Holland, Inc. in the amount of $4,104,360.00 for the Automated Outbound Baggage Handling System. Every unit price contract has a summary change order at the end of the justification so the contractor is paid for work actually performed.

Construction is well along and it would not be practical to cancel Holland and Holland’s contract and rebid it due to this change, which is not a change in scope, but a change in quantity, which is within the contignecy for the overall project budget. 

Change Order No. 5 will provide the construction-related services necessary to implement the facility modification for a new in-line checked baggage inspection system that will replace three standalone explosive detection systems with three inline explosive detection system units as specified in Savannah’s checked baggage inspection system design submitted by the Savannah Airport Commission and approved by TSA.

This project involves the modification or construction of the Airport terminal building infrastructure to replace the TSA explosive detection systems located within the checked baggage inspection system. Terminal modifications include required changes to baggage conveyor components, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, structural, and telecommunications infrastructure to provide for the installation of explosive detection systems within the baggage screening area, explosive trace detection systems in the checked baggage resolution areas, and applicable checked baggage resolution hardware and software for use with a checked baggage in-line baggage screening system to enhance Airport security and baggage screening capabilities. This work is funded by the Transportation Security Administration Other Transactional Agreement Grant.



Financial Impact
Other Transaction Agreement Grant - Department of Homeland Security / TSA Funds. $4,104,360.00
Review Comments
Holland and Holland Quote $4,104,360.00.pdf
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