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April 12, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
40. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Emergency Medical Technician Training to Carol Crockett, LLC (Event No. 5814)
Strategic Priority
Public Safety

Recommend approval to award an annual contract for ongoing Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training from Carol Crockett, LLC in the amount of $76,800.00. 

The Savannah Fire Emergency Services Department will use this training in accordance with the City of Savannah Strategic Plan. Three EMT training courses are to completed in 2018, an additional three training courses are to be completed in 2019, and will continue for up to four one-year periods if agreeable to all parties. 

The method used for this procurement was the request for proposal (RFP), which evaluates criteria in addition to costs.  Proposals were evaluated on the basis of qualifications and experience, including support capabilities, methodology, proposed schedule, references, fees, and local vendor participation.

This proposal was advertised, opened, and reviewed.  Delivery:  As needed.  Terms:  Net 30-days.  The proposers were:

B.P.          Carol Crocket, LLC                          (Savannah, GA)(E)           $76,800.00
02.           Savannah Technical College         (Savannah, GA)(B)           $99,360.00

A pre-proposal conference was held and two vendors attended.  (B) Indicates a local, non-minority owned business.  (E) Indicates a local, woman-owned business.  



Curtis Wallace, Savannah Fire
Financial Impact
$76,800.00 expenditure from the General Fund
Review Comments
SFES EMT Training Funding Verification.pdf
Purchasing Summary.pdf
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