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September 27, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
27. Notification of Emergency Purchase of Enhanced Services for Palo Alto TRAPS Intrusion Protection from Layer 3 (Event No. 6543)
Strategic Priority

Notification of emergency procurement of enhanced services for Palo Alto TRAPS Intrusion Protection from Layer 3 in the amount of 82,000.00. 

These services were used by the Department of Information Technology to provide additional robust services to minimize impact of zero-day cyber exploits and provide forensic tools to track the source and spread of malicious activity on the City’s network.  This solution augments the existing security measures already implemented on the network.  This purchase was necessary to pro-actively defend against on-going malicious cyber security threats.  This vendor was selected due to its immediate availability, its ability to offer the necessary software, and the fact that it holds the current contract for managed network services, procurement, and support for Palo Alto equipment and solutions. 



Cam Mathis, Department of Information Technology
Financial Impact
$82,000.00 expenditure from the Computer Replacement Fund and the Capital Improvements Fund
Review Comments
Palo Alto Purchasing Summary.pdf
Palo Alto Funding Verification.pdf
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