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September 27, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
13. Motion to Rezone 606 Berrien St from P-RIP-B to R-B-C (Petitioner: Jodie Quinter for Ileana Moleiro De Rivas)
Strategic Priority
Neighborhood Revitalization

Jodie Quinter for Ileana Moleiro De Rivas, Petitioner (File No. 18-004181-ZA) is requesting approval of a rezoning map amendment for three vacant parcels (0.25 acres total combined area) located on the north side of Berrien Street between Wilson Street and Purse Street (PINs 2-0031-33-003; 2-0031-33-005; and 2-0031-33-006) from the P-RIP-B (Planned Residential – Medium Density) to R-B-C (Residential Business Conservation).

The project, located in Aldermanic District 1, includes apartments on the upper floors, retail on the ground floor, and parking also on the ground floor accessed from Jones Lane. The building consists of three distinct masses on the upper floors with a screened courtyard in the center of the site.

A Recombination Plat is undergoing review to recombine the three vacant parcels into a single unified parcel (18-002862-SUBP).  The MPC staff has assigned the address of 606 Berrien St for the new recombined parcel.  However, the project has been in client response since June pending submittal of a revised plat showing the required dedication of a minimum 5-foot right-of-way (ROW) along Purse Street for a sidewalk, and the provision of a bond estimate for the paving of Jones Lane.

On June 13, the Savannah Historic District Board of Review conditionally approved a request (17-007046-COA) for new construction revisions to Part I: Height and Mass, and Part II: Design Details, of a new four-story building on a vacant lot consisting of three parcels and bounded by Berrien Street to the south, Jones Lane (unopened) to the north, Purse Street to the east, and Wilson Street (unimproved) to the west. The corner parcel at the intersection of Berrien and Purse Streets is not part of this development.  

On August 23, the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) conditionally approved two variances from the requirements of the Historic District Ordinance (Section 8-3030):

1) A variance from the requirement that parking within the ground floor of a building be set back a minimum of 30 feet from property lines along all public rights of way (excluding lanes); and

2) A variance from the requirement that the maximum building height shall not exceed two stories within 20 feet of a lane.  The ZBA's approval is contingent upon the requirement that residential units within the proposed building may not be used as short-term vacation rentals.

On August 28, the Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of this request to rezone the 606 Berrien St (subject three parcels) from P-RIP-B to R-B-C.


Approval as the proposed zoning is consistent with the Tri-Centennial Comprehensive Plan's Future Land Use Map and will also be compatible with adjacent land uses and zoning.

Bridget Lidy, Planning & Urban Design Director
Financial Impact
Review Comments
606 Berrien St 20180828 Planning Commission Recommendation RE Rezoning 18-004181-ZA.pdf
606 Berrien St Rezoning Draft Ordinance.pdf
606 Berrien St 20180606 MPC Staff Review of Recombination Plat 18-002862-SUBP.pdf
606 Berrien St 20180613 Savannah Historic District Board of Review Conditional Approval.pdf
606 Berrien St 20180823 Zoning Board of Appeals Conditional Approval.pdf
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