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September 23, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
10. Petition of Nathan Pollard on Behalf of Linda B. Morgan and Charles D. Broometo to Amend the Zoning Map with Conditions for 1103 East 69th Street (PIN 20114 19002) from RSF-6 (Residential Single Family-6) to O-I (Office Institutional) (File No. 21-003122-ZA). Aldermanic District 3. (Continued from September 9, 2021)
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Good Government

Item continued from the September 9, 2021 Council meeting by Mayor and Aldermen.

Nathan Pollard (Agent) on behalf of Linda B. Morgan and Charles D. Broometo (Owners) is requesting an amendment to the zoning map for 1103 E. 69th Street from RSF-6 (Residential Single Family-6) to OI (Office Institutional).

The subject property is located on the south side of East 69th Street bounded by Sanders Street, East 70th Street, and Waters Avenue within the Midtown Neighborhood. The subject property is 9,000 square feet and has a width of 90 feet and a depth of 100 feet. The property has remained vacant for at least the past 18 years. Prior to the adoption of the current Savannah zoning ordinance, it was zoned R-6 (Single Family Residential-6), a zoning district similar to RSF-6, the current classification.

During the June 29, 2021 MPC meeting, the applicant requested to rezone the subject property from RSF-6 (Residential Single Family-6) to BN (Neighborhood Business). The Planning Commission continued the hearing to allow staff and the petitioner to review alternative zoning classifications that would better accommodate the surrounding area. The proposed BN zoning designation permits more intensive commercial uses like restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations and vehicle repair.

The recommended alternative is to rezone the property to the OI (Office Institutional) zoning classification which is intended to be located in close proximity to nonresidential districts and may be used as a transition between such areas and residential districts. The OI district permits office uses and a limited number of other uses that are compatible with an office environment.

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The Planning Commission recommends approval of request to amend the zoning map for 1103 East 69th Street (PIN 20114 19002) from RSF-6 (Residential Single Family-6) to OI (Office Institutional).

Based on discussions with the petitioner, the following conditions have been added to the rezoning of 1103 East 69th Street:

  1. The only use permitted shall be Office, Medical; and

  2. The hours of operation for the use shall be between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Bridget Lidy, Senior Director, Planning and Urban Design
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Exhibit 1: MPC Recommendations - 1103 E 69th Street.pdf
Exhibit 2: Draft Ordinance with Conditions - 1103 E 69th Street.pdf
Exhibit 3: Proposed Conceptual Layout - 1103 E 69th Street.pdf
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