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September 23, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
19. Authorize the City Manager to Issue a Payment to S2K Consulting in the Amount of $75,569.93 for Completion of an Organization-wide Telecom Audit. Company Performed a Comprehensive Audit of the City's Telecommunications Billing Structure to Identify Services No Longer Needed. An Estimated Annual Savings of $203,350 was Identified.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Recommend authorizing the City Manager to issue a payment to S2K Consulting in the amount of $75,569.93 for completion of a comprehensive telecom audit. 

The City entered into a contract with S2K Consulting to complete a comprehensive audit of the City’s telecommunications lines, and the bills we receive for usage of those lines. The audit identified many services that were no longer in use, and identified services that were not being billed according to the City’s existing carrier. In addition, S2K negotiated a more economic usage plan, which reduced the City’s long-distance expenditures. The audit services also included bill consolidation, custom reporting, and billing portal training. The vendor handled all the disconnect orders, move requests, PRI consolidation, and PIC line development.

Estimated annual savings of at least $203,350 was identified during the audit. The savings were derived from:

Disconnected unused analog lines                                         $ 8,800

Added AT&T contract to 34 line items                                     $ 62,300

Credit from AT&T                                                                     $ TBD

Removed 25 double billed lines from GTA invoice                  $ 7,250

Credit from GTA for double billed lines                                    $ 5,000

Disconnected 158 unused phone lines                                    $ 48,000

Added long distance usage plan                                              $ 72,000

Per our contract, S2K is to be compensated with a one-time payment equaling 35% of the savings realized by the City as a result of the audit, which results in a fee of $75,569.93. The City will continue to realize reduced expenditures into the future totaling at least $203,350 annually as a result of this audit. 

The using department solicited quotes from the following vendors:

S2K Consulting (201 North New York Avenue, Suite 200, Winter Park, FL 32789)(D)                          35% of the City's First-Year Savings.

P3 Cost Analyst (620 Green Valley Rd, Suite 207, Greensboro, NC)(D)                                                            50% of the City's first sixty months of actual savings

Granite (100 Newport Avenue Extension, Quincy, MA, 02171)(D)




Tim Moody, Information Technology Director
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $75,569.93 from the Internal Service Fund
Review Comments
Exhibit 1- Funding Verification - Audit of Telecom Bills
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