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September 13, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
32. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Pension Investment Advisor Services to NEPC, LLC (Event No. 6016)
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Recommend approval to award an annual contract for pension investment advisor services to NEPC, LLC in the amount of $130,000.00. The services will be used to meet the COSERP Board requirements to engage an investment advisor with experience advising fiduciaries similar to the Board.

The method of procurement used was the request for proposals, which evaluates criteria in addition to cost.  The criteria used in this procurement were qualifications and experience, references, fees, and local vendor participation.



David Maxwell, CFO
Financial Impact
$130,000.00 expenditure from the Pension Fund
Review Comments
Pension Investment Advisor Purchasing Summary.pdf
Pension Investment Advisor Funding Verification.pdf
Pension Investment Advisor Scope.pdf
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