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September 13, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
22. Motion to Approve Change Order No. 7 with Holland and Holland, Inc., for Outbound Baggage Handling System (Phase II)
Strategic Priority

The Savannah Airport Commission recommends approval of Change Order No. 7 with Holland and Holland, Inc., in the amount of $78,950.65 for the Outbound Baggage Handling System (Phase II). 

During the saw cutting of the slab, where the new footings for the exterior wall will be constructed, the crew inadvertently cut two of the main power feeds, which affected several of the panels feeding tenant and general public facilities. These included an elevator, air conditioning systems, lighting, airline ticket counters power, and several other non-life-safety circuits.

SAC Maintenance and the contractor worked to secure temporary power to those affected areas and brought in a stand-by generator as backup should the temporary repair fail. The contractor worked day and night to re-route the main feeds overhead and pull in the new circuit. With assistance from Savannah Airport Commission, the contractor performed the repairs in a few days and power was fully restored.

Neither the contractor nor Savannah Airport Commission was aware that these power feeds were located or routed through the work area, and nothing was noted on the drawings depicting these utilities. It should be noted that these lines were installed within the slab, (scheduled for demolition) during the original construction of the terminal in 1992. The as-built drawings did not show an accurate representation of where these lines were routed. Since this project is a reimbursable agreement with the TSA, the change request was sent to the TSA project representative, who formally approved the change order. The change order will be paid for from the construction contingency portion on the project.



Brooks Stillwell, City Attorney
Financial Impact
TSA funds in the amount of $78,950.65
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