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October 24, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
17. Motion to Authorize the City Manager to Execute Contract Modification No. 12 with Hussey, Gay, Bell for the Gwinnett Street Widening Project in the amount of $13,790 (Event No. 3802)
Strategic Priority

Recommend approval to authorize the City Manager to execute Contract Modification No. 12 with Hussey, Gay, Bell for the Gwinnett Street Widening Project in the amount of $13,790.  The original contract with Hussey, Gay, Bell was executed in 2004 for the design of the Gwinnett Street widening project. Contract Modification No. 12 adds to the existing contract amount of $937,278.10. The new contract amount would be $951,068.10. Under the updated contract, Hussey, Gay, Bell will complete three additional tasks that were pivotal to the completion of the final design phase of this project.  They include:

  • Army Corp of Engineers Nation Wide Permitting
  • A median opening at the east end of the project
  • Environmental Management & Remediation Work Plans

The initial contract for this project did not include efforts required to complete, submit and obtain an approved Corp of Engineers Nationwide Permit. This permit authorizes construction within wetlands. The cost of this work was $8,805.  The initial plan showed no median breaks along Gwinnett Street east of the Springfield Canal. To accommodate the future development of adjacent parcels on both the north and south sides of Gwinnett Street, the City requested that a median break be added to the plans to improved access management. The cost of this work is $3,745. An environmental assessment was required for this site. The results of the assessment required that Environmental Management and Remediation Work Plans be implemented during construction. The cost of this work is $1,240.



Stephen Henry, Administrator Mobility Services
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $13,790 from the General Fund, SPLOST, and Bond
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Purchasing Summary - Gwinnett Street Widening.pdf
Exhibit 2: Funding Verification - Gwinnett Street Widening.pdf
Exhibit 3: Roadway Construction Plans - Gwinnett Street Widening.pdf
Exhibit 4: Wetlands Construction Authorization - Gwinnett Street Widening.pdf
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