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November 9, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Amend the Future Land Use Map Category for 2201 Beaumont Dr (Petitioner: Phillip McCorkle for Sherwin Robin and Brian Robin)

This is a continuation of the Zoning Hearing from October 12, 2017 and October 26, 2017.

Phillip McCorkle as Agent for Sherwin Robin and Brian Robin, Petitioner (File No. 17-004963-CPA) is requesting that the Future Land Use Category for the subject properties be changed from Conservation to Commercial-Neighborhood.  The subject property consists of a 9.32-acre parcel. The parcel is currently vacant land that formerly was the site of an unauthorized landfill for construction debris. The petitioner’s intent is to develop the site for single-story ministorage warehouses. In conjunction with this petition, applications for a zoning map amendment (17-004804-ZA) and a General Development Plan (17-004780-PLAN) have been filed.

The present designation of the property as “Conservation” on the Future Land Use Map is incompatible with the current zoning on the property (Planned Unit Development-Multifamily, eight units per acre).  The proposed Commercial-Neighborhood future land use category for the site is in accord with the existing zoning, and the land use pattern in the immediate surrounding area, which has been exclusively residential and civic/institutional.  The site is surrounded by an institutional use (school), and single-family residential uses. The proposed use (a single-story self-storage mini-warehouse complex) will not adversely affect the nearby uses.

The petitioner is proposing to clean the site prior to construction, and has (under the provisions of Section 8-3031) tied the project to a General Development Plan (17-004780-PLAN).  The proposed development would meet all requirements of design for the use, and would generate minimal traffic.

The Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of this request on August 29, 2017.



Shane Corbin, Zoning Administrator
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2201 Beaumont Drive Comp Plan Amendment 20170829 Planning Commission Recommendation 17-004963-CPA.pdf
2201 Beaumont Drive Comp Plan Amendment Draft Ordinance 17-004963-CPA.pdf
2201 Beaumont Drive Comp Plan Amendment Public Notice 17-004963-CPA.pdf
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