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November 9, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Award Sole Source Procurement of Light Kits from PennGlobe Company (Event No. 5612)

Recommend approval to procure 90 PennSTAR LED retrofit kits from PennGlobe Company in the amount of $75,381.20. 

The light kits are needed to upgrade the remaining post-mounted light fixtures in Rousakis Plaza and will be installed by the City of Savannah's Traffic Engineering Department.  This is a sole source procurement because this vendor is the only known supplier providing this type of light kit, which is compatible with the existing PennGlobe post-mounted fixtures. Additionally, these fixtures are already installed in Parking Lot #3 on River Street.








Gordon Denney, Park and Tree Director
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Light Kits Funding Verification.pdf
Light Kits Purchasing Summary.pdf
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