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November 5, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
15. Motion to Rezone 1602 Bull Street from TN-2 to TC-1 (Petitioner: Josh Yellin for 1602 Bull, LLC)
Strategic Priority
Neighborhood Revitalization

The petitioner, Josh Yellin as agent for 1602 Bull, LLC (File No. 18-005131-ZA), is requesting approval of a zoning map amendment for one parcel located at the southeast corner of Bull Street and East 32nd St. from TN-2 (Traditional Neighborhood, Mid-City) to TC-1 (Traditional Commercial, Mid-City).  The subject property, 1602 Bull St., consists of one 3,645-square-foot parcel located within the Mid-City Local Historic District. The parcel is partially improved with a paved parking area and a small one-story structure. The most recent use of the site consisted of a car detailing/car wash business.

Compared to the existing TN-2 district, the TC-1 district permits a greater variety of non-residential uses. Permitted uses include, but are not limited to, single and multi-family residential, general and medical offices, general retail and service uses, indoor recreation, restaurants, restaurants with alcohol sales (special land use), microbreweries (special land use), and bars and nightclubs (special land use).

On October 9, 2018, the Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of the petition to rezone the subject property from TN-2 to TC-1.


Approval.  This is the only corner at the intersection Bull and 32nd that is zoned TN-2.  The other three corners are zoned TC-1.

Bridget Lidy, Planning and Urban Design Director
Financial Impact
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1602 Bull St 20181009 Planning Commission Recommendation.pdf
1602 Bull St Draft Ordinance.pdf
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