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May 28, 2020 City Council Regular Meeting
37. A Resolution Imposing Temporary Stay on Enforcement of Certain Ordinances to the Extent Needed to Aid Local Businesses in their Recovery from the Adverse Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Strategic Priority
Good Government

This resolution is part of a pilot program that temporarily expands outdoor dining in an effort to help local restaurants recover from the COVID-19 crisis while keeping the public safe. The initiative was presented during the May 14, 2020 Council Work Session. Given the nature of the crisis and urgency felt by restaurants planning their openings, the City began processing applications and implementing critical portions of the program starting Friday, May 15th.

The pilot, which will last until June 15th, mirrors similar programs throughout the country that allow for restaurants to increase capacity while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Interested restaurants and cafes can apply for one or multiple of the solutions below:

  • Sidewalk Dining – The current permitting process has been streamlined and all fees waived for the pilot period.
  • Parklets – Parklets provide an opportunity for restaurants to temporarily take over on-street parking spots and other right-of-way for additional outdoor dining.
  • Street Closures – Allows for temporary closure of streets with a high concentration of restaurants and cafes.

Restaurant owners looking to participate in the program must submit a plan that shows how social distancing and other safety measures will be maintained. Individual proposals are reviewed by a multi-disciplinary group of City departments (e.g. Traffic Engineering, Special Events, Mobility and Parking, etc.) to ensure they follow all regulations and limit negative impacts to surrounding neighborhoods.

To keep surrounding communities informed about any street closures or other possible disruptions, the City is doing the following:

  • Neighborhood Services is working with neighborhood presidents to get the word out to residents citywide.
  • Public Communications is promoting the initiative through social media and other channels.
  • Information about the program including guidelines and applications are available online.
  • The City is partnering with local restaurant and business organizations to coordinate outreach and compliance.
  • Residents and neighboring businesses will be notified of any upcoming street closures to limit negative impacts.
  • A feedback survey is available online to collect input, questions, and concerns from the community.

More details about the initiative can be found on the attached resolution and Council Work Session presentation.




Manny Dominguez, Office of Business Opportunity
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Exhibit 1: Resolution - Business Recovery and Expanded Outdoor Dining.pdf
Exhibit 2: City Council Workshop Presentation - Business Recovery and Expanded Outdoor Dining.pdf
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