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May 28, 2020 City Council Regular Meeting
38. Approval of Contracts for Electric Service with Georgia Power
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Georgia Power Company has requested an agreement for electric service for the following locations:

1) 0 Abercorn Creek Road (industrial water plant raw water intake)

2) 1355 East DeRenne Avenue (stormwater pump station)

3) 1400 East President Street (wastewater treatment plant)

4) 301 West Oglethorpe Avenue (civic center)

These agreements have been proposed by Georgia Power due to new tariff rates available to the City that should more closely align the City's energy demands with lower cost electric power. These agreements have been reviewed and approved by the City Attorney for legal format.



David Maxwell, Chief Financial Officer
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Exhibit 1 - Contract for Service - 0 Abercorn Creek.pdf
Exhibit 2 - Contract for Service - 1355 East DeRenne Avenue.pdf
Exhibit 3 - Contract for Service - 1400 East President Street.pdf
Exhibit 4 - Contract for Service - 301 West Oglethorpe Avenue.pdf
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