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May 27, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
24. Petition of Marguerite Seckman (Agent) for Yvonne Jouffrault (Owner) for a Special Use Permit to Allow Alcohol Sales in Association with a Restaurant for 17 West 41st Street (PIN 20074 07001) Aldermanic District #2 File No. 21-000500-ZA
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Good Government

Marguerite Seckman (Agent) for Yvonne Jouffrault (Owner) is requesting approval of a Speical Use Permit to establish a restaurant with alcohol sales as outlined in Sec. 3.10 of the Zoning Ordinance, the special use permit process includes consideration by the Planning Commission and then the Mayor and Aldermen. Additional conditions, restrictions and safeguards may be imposed by Mayor and Aldermen on the special use approval to protect public health, safety and welfare.

The subject property is located at 17 West 41st Street between Whitaker Street and Desoto Avenue in the Metropolitan Neighborhood. The parcel is .09 acres and is developed with a two-story building that houses “Starland Strange and Bazaar.” It has operated previously as a retail space. The property is within the TN-2 zoning district.

The Special Use Permit provisions of the Zoning Ordinance are designed to allow the reviewing authorities to consider the establishment of uses in zoning districts, where the use may be appropriate but should not be allowed by right. In review of the standards, it appears that the subject property and proposed use meet the requirements.

This portion of the Metropolitan Neighborhood—Starland District—is developed with a mix of uses and has seen significant investment within the past five years. The uses include retail, restaurants, residential, office, studio/gallery, brewery, and food truck court. While residential uses exist in close proximity, they coexist as part of a mixed-use development pattern within the neighborhood. The closest stand-alone residential use is approximately 40 feet away to the east and is a duplex that fronts West 41st Street. Clearly the range of uses in the neighborhood and in proximity to the subject parcel allow this requested use to be compatible with the overall neighborhood and in line with the comprehensive plan future land use designations.

If approval is granted, a special use permit will be issued by the City of Savannah. An alcoholic beverage license will also have to be vetted by the Revenue Department and formally considered by Mayor and Aldermen.

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The Planning Commission recommended approval of the petition of Marguerite Seckman (Agent) on behalf Yvonne Jouffrault (Owner) for a special use permit to allow for alcohol sales in association with a restaurant at 17 West 41st Street (PIN 20074 07001).


Bridget Lidy, Planning and Urban Design Director
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Exhibit 1: MPC Recommendation Packet for a Special Use Permit - 17 West 41st Street
Exhibit 2: Maps - 17 W. 41st Street
Exhibit 3: Map of Alcohol Beverage Licenses
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