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May 27, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
27. Petition of Jon Pannell (Agent) for Savannah Economic Development Authority (Owner) to Amend the Zoning Map with Conditions for 351 Technology Circle (PIN 20980 03005) from OI-E (Office and Institutional-Expanded) to I-L (Light Industrial) Aldermanic District #1 File No. 21-00864-ZA
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Jon Pannell (Agent) for Savannah Economic Development Authority (Owner) is requesting to rezone approximately 6.2-acre portion of a 36-acre parcel at 351 Technology Circle (PIN 20980 03005) on the north side of Jimmy Deloach Parkway from the OI-E (Office Institutional-Extended) zoning classification to the I-L (Light-Industrial) zoning classification. The subject property is north of Jimmy Deloach Parkway on the southeast quadrant of Technology Circle within the Crossroads Business Center.

SEDA is requesting the zoning map amendment to assist in facilitating access to the adjacent property to the east at 0 Godley Road. The property at Godley Road is also seeking rezoning, and the access to the Godley Road property is through an access easement from the SEDA property. This access issue requires that the properties share a zoning classification.

The Planning Commission finds that although the provision of access to the adjacent property is important, managing potential impacts to properties within Crossroads Business Center is a critical part of the proposed rezoning. In addition, existing buffering (mature vegetation) should be maintained to the greatest extent possible when establishing the access point to protect other properties from the effects of more intense use. Because of this the MPC has identified needed conditions related to access, buffers and the zoning adoption process.

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The Planning Commission recommends denial of the petitioner’s original request and approval of an alternative to the petition of Jon Pannell (Agent) for Savannah Economic Development Authority (Owner) to amend the zoning map for 351 Technology Circle (PIN 20980 03005) and rezone only the portion of the parcel required to establish a 96-foot-wide access point between the subject parcel at the adjacent parcel at Godley Road from the OI-E (Office Institutional – Extended) classification to the I-L (Light - Industrial) classification with these conditions:

  1. Any site development plan submitted for the subject property shall be reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission prior to the issuance of a Site Development Permit.
  2. Vehicular access to the Godley Road property (PINs 20980 03002 and 20980 03004) shall be right turn in from Technology Circle and left turn out onto Technology Circle only. Access to Engineering Drive shall be prohibited.
  3. The existing vegetative buffer along the eastern boundary of the subject property shall be disturbed only to the extent necessary to establish the proposed access, as determined by the Planning Commission.
  4. The final dimensions and location of the proposed access shall be approved by the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Planning Commission prior to adoption of a rezoning by the Mayor and Aldermen. Please note, this condition has been satisfied.



Bridget Lidy, Planning and Urban Design Director
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Exhibit 1: MPC Recommendation Packet - 351 Technology Circle
Exhibit 2: Maps - 351 Technology Circle
Exhibit 3: Draft Ordinance - 351 Technology Circle
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