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May 24, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
32. Motion to Approve Final Plat for Brookhaven Subdivision, Phase 1
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The subject property is a newly created subdivision named Brookhaven, which is a part of the Highlands Development in the North Godley Planned Unit Development, in Aldermanic District 1. This proposed phase totals 17.041 acres and will consist of 41 single-family lots with varying lot sizes.

Brookhaven has its own dedicated entrance located off of Highlands Boulevard.

The required infrastructure improvements to support this phase of development included the extension of water and sewer mains, the installation of water and sewer services, pond excavations, the installation of stormwater conveyance system, and the extension of approximately 1,750 linear feet of roadway.

According to FEMA Flood Plain Map Panel No. 13051C0017G, the subject property is located in Zone X. There are no State waters located within 200 feet of this property. Wetlands are located and shown within this phase of the property. The water and sewer service for this project area is provided and maintained by the City of Savannah.



Greg Harris, City Surveyor
Financial Impact
Review Comments
PLAT_BROOKHAVEN_PHASE 1_SHEET 1_4-16-2018 -2.pdf
Brookhaven Master Plan_02-13-17 revised pdf
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