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May 12, 2022 City Council Regular Meeting
23. Authorize the City Manager to Execute a Contract Modification for the Downtown Streetscape Project - Broughton Street with Astra Group Inc. in the Amount of $871,507. Modification No. 1 is to replace an existing deteriorated 12-inch water main as part of the Broughton Street Streetscapes Project. (Capital Improvements)
Strategic Priority
Public Safety

This is modification No. 1 for the replacement of an existing deteriorated 12-inch water main as part of the Broughton Streetscapes project with Astra Group Inc. in the amount of $871,507. The original contract for this project included the replacement of storm drainage infrastructure, new brick paver sidewalks, brick paver parking, brick paver crosswalks, new information kiosks, granite curbing, lighting, landscaping, hardscapes, bike racks, benches, Americans with Disability Act (ADA) accessible sidewalk ramps, and creating a festival zone between Whitaker and Drayton Streets.


During the process of excavation, it was determined the existing 12-inch water main down Broughton Street was approximately 100 years old and in a deteriorated state. The existing condition of the water main was determined to be unsuitable to connect new 2-inch water laterals down the length of the main. The City of Savannah determined the 12-inch water main must be replaced in order to connect the new water laterals. The replacement of this water main will be funded by the Water and Sewer Enterprise Fund. 


Included in this change order request is a request for a 278-day contract time extension. The original contract was approved by City Council on December 5, 2019, in the amount of $11,208,888. The total contract amount to date including this modification is $12,080,395.

Astra Group, Inc.  (Woodstock, GA)(D)



Heath Lloyd, Assistant City Manager and Chief, Infrastructure & Development
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $871,507 from the Capital Improvement Fund, SPLOST Vll, and Bonds.
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Funding Verification - Broughton
Exhibit 2: Purchasing Notes - Broughton
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