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May 10, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
36. Motion to Procure Zero Turn Mowers from Moridge Mfg. Inc. (Event No. 6132)
Strategic Priority

Recommend approval to procure three zero-turn mowers from Moridge Mfg., Inc. in the amount of $28,823.10. These mowers will be used by the Greenscapes Department to maintain the City’s rights of way.  Three zero-turn mowers were previously approved by Council on April 26, 2018.  After approval, it was determined that three additional units would be beneficial in accomplishing the City’s goal of ensuring grass is cut bi-weekly.

The method of procurement used for this purchase was a request for proposal issued by Cobb County Board of Commissions as part of the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance. U.S. Communities is a purchasing cooperative that provides procurement resources and solutions to local and state government agencies, K-12 school districts, higher education institutions, and non-profit organizations at the contractor’s lowest available government pricing. Third-party audits are performed on all contracts and benchmarking analyses conducted to ensure ongoing value. U.S. Communities adheres to a stringent competitive selection process for all contracts offered through the program. Lead governmental agencies issue the competitive solicitations and oversee the evaluation, award, and contractual process.

Cooperative purchasing is authorized as an appropriate procurement method in Division 10 Section 4-4152 of the City of Savannah’s purchasing ordinance.

Proposals were received from six respondents in January 2017. An evaluation selection reviewed and scored the proposals. A contract was awarded by Cobb County Board of Commissions and a master agreement with U.S. Communities was signed for a three-year period on May 15, 2017.



Gordon Denney, Greenscapes Division
Financial Impact
$28,823.10 from the General Fund
Review Comments
Moridge Cooperative Agreement.pdf
Zero Turn Cooperative Scope.pdf
Zero Turn Mowers_Funding Verification.pdf
Purchasing Summary.pdf
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