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March 29, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
13. Motion to Adopt Resolution Requesting the General Services Administration to Respect the Oglethorpe Plan in Selecting a Federal Courthouse Annex Design
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The Federal General Services Administration is in the process of designing a new Federal Courthouse Annex to replace the current buildings on Telfair Square. As part of this process, the GSA has agreed to subject the design to the City's Historic District Board of Review process.

The proposed demolition of the two buildings on Telfair Square that comprise the current annex presents an opportunity to design and build a structure that is much more visually compatible with the surrounding neighborhood, and more appropriate for one of Oglethorpe's original squares. Initial design concepts submitted by the GSA did not accomplish these goals.

This resolution urges the Federal Government to design a more visually compatible Federal Courthouse Annex that is sympathetic to the fragile National Historic Landmark District and the internationally recognized Oglethorpe Plan. If approved, copies of the resolution will be sent to appropriate legislative and administrative federal officials.



Bill Durrence, Savannah City Council
Financial Impact
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