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March 29, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
15. Motion to Approve Local Sponsor Share for the Interstate 95 Airways Interchange Improvements Study
Strategic Priority

The Savannah Airport Commission recommends approval of a local sponsor share in the amount of $80,000.00 for the Interstate 95 Airways Interchange Improvements Study. 

An interchange operational analysis report of the interchange was completed during the preliminary engineering for the I-95 / Airways Avenue Interchange Improvements Project completed by the Georgia Department of Transportation, the Savannah Airport Commission, the Savannah Economic Development Authority, and Gulfstream. This analysis used counts and projections for the project. 

This proposed study will update the traffic counts, evaluate the existing operational analysis of the interchange, project new traffic volumes based on growth and land-use data, evaluate the crash history of the interchange, develop alternatives to improve the operation and safety of the interchange, and evaluate the alternatives using traffic and interchange modification report, if required.  

The Metropolitan Planning Commission applied for a $400,000.00 grant from the Georgia Association of MPOs to update the traffic study for the I-95 / Airways interchange. The grant was approved, with the Federal Highway Authority funding 80% of costs at $320,000.00, and the Savannah Airport Commission funding the $80,000.00 local match. 



Brooks Stillwell, City Attorney
Financial Impact
$80,000.00 in Savannah Airport Commission Funds
Review Comments
Airport Request I-95 Airways Avenue Transportation Study Revised.pdf
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